Painting with the Angels and the Light of treasured places in the World.

All paintings connect to a special place , captured in one shot.
ShootingHeart_Award Finalist Fine Art - Best Photographs 2023
ShootingHeart_Award Finalist Fine Art - Best Photographs 2023

AngelsView Light Art Photography, painted with the angels at a special place on earth

Each painting is unique in style, expression, color and focus. Through the participation of the angels, every painting has a high frequency, for your inspiration, motivation and Guidance.

Employing advanced Lightpainting techniques and tools, I have been working on since 2020, AngelsView Light-Art-Photography sets new standards in aesthetic excellence and balance in life and living.
I Choose special locations such as metropolises, exclusive estates, natures spectacles and places for self-conceived Light Designs, inviting the angels to participate in the creation and sending a message to earth.

I value the elegance and the connection to special places, embracing and celebrating all the beautiful light of our world.

Therefore I set high quality standards for each Fine-Art-Print, only 2 of each size, to inspire, and motivate you and your guests.

Enjoy AngelsView Light-Art-GALLERY.

Warm wishes from Angelica

AngelsView = Is my view with the view of the Angels through the camera, creating a light and inspiring vibrance of heaven on earth. Direct proof of the Angels: Painting “Enlightment”


Value AngelsView Light Art Photography
AngelsView Light Art Photography
AngelsView Fluegel

Online Gallery

Each AngelsView Light-Art-Photography is a “one shot” painted with a single brush stroke of light. Feel inspired by the beautiful energy of  AngelsView Light Art Photography, which has been created with theese three technics:

AngelsView Fluegel
AngelsView Fluegel

Discover the Magic of AngelsView Light-Art-Photography


JAZZ @ Salzburg

New Collection


FireFly @ London



Coral @ Salzburg

New Collection

ShootingHeart_Award Finalist Fine Art - Best Photographs 2023

ShootingHeart @ Munich



LOVE @ Salzburg

New Collection


Continuum @ London



AngelsSight @ Munich

Light Design


Companionship @ London



RedCarpet @ BalticSea



Breeze @ BalticSea

On the road


Grace @ Lyon

City - New Collection


Sound of Angels @ Lyon

Citiy - New Collection


Kiss @ Baltic Sea



Fullfillment @ Munich



Lilly @ Munich

Festivity - New Collection


HeartBeat @ Lyon

City - New Collection


Crown @ Salzburg

City - New Collection


Melody @ Moliet et Maa

Wellness Resort


7G @ Lyon



Flash @ Munich


AngelsView Fluegel

Your Value with AngelsView Light-Art-Photography

WITH THE PURCHASE OF AN ANGELSVIEW LIGHT-ART-PHOTOGRAPHY YOU HAVE A UNIQUE PIECE OF ART with a technic never seen before, connecting to a special PLACE and TIME in the world.

Your Value with AngelsView Light-Art-Photography

Personal Dedication of Angelica

I would be honored to write your personal dedication on the back of your painting. 
Please let me know during your purchase. Your painting will be sent to you with a dedication, when I have confirmed your purchase and your dedication.
Contact me anytime, should you want to make sure I have received your message.

Special Honorings

I am steadily enhancing my technics and connecting to the world. Please find my Media and Exhibition scheduel here or on Instagram @angelsview_al

Recent Awards:

ShootingHeart: Best Fine Art Photography 2023 by Dodho Magazine

Artventurous Magazine #37 & Paramount Hotel Award – Exceptional Artist Concept 2024

AngelsView Fluegel

Available Sizes / Material / Prices

AngelsView Light-Art-Photography has choosen the most popular sizes and Fine-Art-Materials with great impact, for your exclusive Interior Design – which will certainly attract valuable conversations.

Portrait and Landscape

200  x 100 cm = 79 x 40 in – 2 Edition
120  x    80 cm = 48 x 32 in    – 2 Editions  
   90  x    60 cm = 36 x 24 in    – 2 Editions  
   60  x    40 cm = 
24 x 16 in    – 2 Editions  


Gallery Print // Aluminium Dibond 

Free pdf-preview-simulation of your room with your favorite painting - to feel the painting and color impressions

Please feel free to take your free pdf-preview-simulation, to get a more accurate feeling for your favorite painting in your Interior.

AngelsView Fluegel
Value AngelsView Light Art Photography
AngelsView Fluegel

Purchase of AngelsView Light-Art-Photography

More information about purchase, production possibilities and deliveries, please read: Production and Delivery.

AngelsView Fluegel

Fine-Art-Materials Prints

here are 2 fine-art-materials that I suggest for your amazing interior design. I specifically select fine-art-productions, who set their values and sustainability aline with mine: Choosing the best way possible to keep our world as beautiful as it is, for people and planet. 

AngelsView Fluegel

Gallery Acryl Print Glossy

Unique gallery experience for your Interior Design
Exclusive Gallery impression 

  • High-Quality for exclusive demands
  • Excellent clarity and sharpness
  • Easy assembly and nice and light

Most exquisite print of them all

Your painting will have the most effective Grande performance with Gallery Acryl Print, giving your guests an experience of international breeze.

True art lovers like you will be amazed by the floating splendor of a gallery print on acrylic glass. Thanks to the impressive depth effect of this print, it will lift your surroundings with new impact. Once hung up, it creates a new atmosphere in the room and joy with every light shining on it day by day.

The glossy acrylic glass also allows the colors to shine with impressive clarity. 
Incident light is slightly reflected and allows new perspectives and inspiration.

Gallery-Print-Glossy is an amazing print, printed to impress beyond your expectations.

AngelsView Fluegel

Aluminium Dibond

Durable and unique modernity

  • Impressive color intensity paired with maximum sharpness
  • Zero reflections so your artwork is visible from every angle
  • Stable and durable – years of enjoyment of the timeless work of art – this is how your favorite print becomes an exclusive collector’s item 

A must have for minimalist design lovers 

Whether you position your Light-Art-Photography in your living room, at your company or in the entrance area, the powerful presence of an Alu Dibond print will captivate you and your visitors.

Alu-Dibond is printed on a robust aluminum plate, giving a unique look, producing striking colors and razor-sharp image quality – as if you could look right through the photograph. Clean contours and striking contrasts are produced, creating a unique bridge between modern beauty and industrial strength. 

The velvety feel of the surface is particularly noteworthy: It is as elegant as the finest silk, allowing time to stand still.

This is more than just a traditional print, AngelsView Light-Art-Photography produced with Alu-Dibond exudes sparks of contemporary charm.

AngelsView Fluegel

Interior Design Consulting

I go beyond being just an Online-Gallery. I serve an end-to-end solution for collectors, art-lovers and business and exclusive wellness locations.

Personal Consultation on Site

You will receive comprehensive advice:
I will bring my portfolio with all current paintings, measure your walls, photograph your walls and create a pdf simulation for you. You will receive an overview of the ideal paintings to suit your space, including the ideal fine art materials for the lighting situations of your painting set-ups. If you like, I can organize the installation of your paintings.

Pdf-Simulation with your furnishing

If you send me a picture, taken front on directly at your wall and with your furnishing, I will simulate your favorite painting, with your preferable size directly on your wallsize. Then you can be sure the color and painting suits your surrounding.

Positive Psychology in your Business area

I will ensures that the colors within the Light Art Photography will not only suit but elevate your surrounding and your high Business Values. 

If you wish, I can make a color concept ideal for your premises.

Concept for your Business?

I’ll be happy to create a positive psychology concept with ideal Light-Art-Photographys, suiting your business values.

About Angelica

Since I can think of, I have always loved interacting with the angels, anmimals and plants. I followed my way towards becoming an honored art director, designer and photographer for businesses. Fortunately I kept on searching for that someting, that I was missing. In 2018 I discovered light-painting by coincident and saw the energy, that I was always feeling with the angels. Then my journey really took shape, when I started praying for their assistance while I was painting with the Light of the World. I saw, it wasn’t only me creating these fascinating figurative shaps. I am able to fullfill one of my callings: AngelsView Light-Art-Photography, connecting the World with Light.

Angelica Lenzen
Angelica Lenzen
AngelsView Fluegel


You are welcome to send me an email with your request.
I will contact you as soon as I have received your message.
I look forward to meeting you.

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AngelsView Fluegel

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AngelsView Fluegel

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