Purchase of AngelsView Light-Art-Photography online or per email


With buying a painting online, or by ordering directly per eMail: info@angelsview.de or buying directly at a show, you have made a contractual deal with Angelica Lenzen. I will ensure that you have a high quality Fine-Art- Production, produced by no other then two of the worlds best Fine-Art-Productions: WhiteWall and Saal Digital, to ensure a spectactular performance of your choosen painting, to impress your visitors. This includes, that it is not possible to give back/send back a painting.

If you are unsure if your choosen painting will suit your premises you have options available:

  • PDF-Simulation-Preview: You can send me a picture of your wall with your surrounding visable. I will know your wall size and construct your favorite painting onto your wall to simulate the affect of your painting on your premises. This is a great way to ensure your will have the effect you wish for. The cost for a pdf-simulation are 50€ per wall. Should you buy the painting, the simulation-pdf is free.
  • You can also invite me to your premisis  I will bring paintings examples and different materials, measure your wall sizes, capture your walls and premisis, so I will be able to layout several suggestions (painting sizes/colors/materials) with a pdf-overview. This is a great way to insure the impressive inpact your painting is about to perform on your premisis.
    – Costs:
    – Consulting time on premises per hour: 120€/h (mostly max. of 1,5 hours are necessary)
    – Travel Distance (back and forth) by car: 0,45c/km.
    – Flight (back & forth)
    – One day at a hotel nearby
    – Supervision of vendor on your premises (please ask for offer. We can make a days deal)
  • If you would like me to organize and supervize the montage of your choosen Light-Art-Photographies, I will take care of your premises, cherishing your values, security and tidyness, like I did for so long as a graphic-designer with several Airbus Interior Designs, for over 20 years.

If you wish I can arrange an installation service for hanging up your picture. Please ask for an offer.

Editions/Value/Delivery of AngelsView Light-Art-Photography

  • The scope of services of AngelsView Light-Art-Photography consists of the following services: AngelsView Light-Art-Photography  produces Fine-Art-Materials of each lightpainting, with limited editions in the world: Gallery Acryl Print, Aluminium Dibond and Art Box Framing and Fine-Art-Paper Prints (Hahnemühle Paper Print Pear/Photo Rag) and prefered size.

  • Angelica keeps the rights of the paintings, to produce her number of editions per size as fittet.

  • A 1-Edition Deal for Collectors is possible! A fixed price is set for each painting for a 1 – Edition Deal. Should you be intersted in buying he picture exclusively as a 1-Edition Deal, no other sales are possible and will be deleated. Sizes up to 290 cm x 200 cm are possible and an amazing Interior Impression.
  • Each purchase will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with the name of your choosen painting, size and material and your edition number.
  • Your painting will have all signatures and details with your edition number on the back of your painting. 
  • Your unique painting will be created, packaged and send to your delivery address by the respective production company. WhiteWall is the Fine-Art-Production for AngelsView high quality performance and takes care of the delivery and custom affairs for international shippment. The time of production and delivery is between 2 days and 2 weeks time. Saal Digital is my choice for production within Germany.
  • You will receive a tracking number to oversee the status of your package.
  • You will receive your bill per eMail.

Delivery acceptance:

  • Please confirm your received delivery. 
  • If external damage is visible, please photograph the damage and do not accept the package, if possible. 
  • If you notice any damage when unpacking the painting, take a picture of the damage as thouroughly as possible and send the pictures to: info@angelsview.de. 
  • I will take care of the communication with the production company. If there is a clear damage, a new piece of AngelsView Light-Art-Photography will be sent to you in the size and material you have ordered. 

Value extension with personal dedications

  • IF YOU SEE ME AT A SHOW/EXHIBITION and you would like to purchase an AngelsView Light-Art-Photography, I will be honored to dedicate your painting to you. 
  • IF YOU ARE NEARBY MUNICH AND HAVE PURCHASED YOUR FAVORITE LIGHT_ART_PHOTOGRAPHY ONLINE please write a note to me during the online purchase. We will arrange a meeting point for your personal dedication and pickup. 
  • IF YOU BUY YOUR FAVORITE PAINTING ONLINE AND LIVE OUTSIDE MUNICH/OVERSEAS AND WISH FOR A PERSONAL DEDICATION please write a note to me during the online purchase. I will be delighted to arrange that your painting will be delivered to your delivery adress with your personal dedication. The extra shipping costs (delivery per DHL) will be added to your bill. Should you have any questions, please contact me for further information. We will be in contact anyway!

If you have any questions, clarifications or wish for a personal, free consultation, please contact me:
eMail: info@angelsview.de 
Telephone: +49 (0) 163 605 25 22

Lightinspiring wishes from Angelica Lenzen

Feel-Your-Painting 7-day-return policy

AngelsView Light-Art-Photographys’ goal is to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your collectors piece.
That’s why, once you’ve received an original artwork, I will give you seven days to decide whether you’d like to keep that artwork or return it for a refund. You must return the artwork in its original condition and packaging to receive a refund.

For detailed information on how to return an original work, please read the further information below.

Original Artwork Return Policy

From the time you receive your original collectors piece from the shipper, you have seven days to decide whether to keep the work or return the artwork in its original condition and packaging to receive a refund.

We also require all returned artwork to be shipped out by the buyer within three days after confirming with us that the work will be returned. So, if you receive artwork you’ve purchased from AngelsView Light-Art-Photography and are not fully satisfied, you have:

  • Seven days to contact me about your intent to return the work (info@angelsview.de)
  • Three days from the day you contacted us to ship out the artwork


  • Three days from the day you contacted us to ship out the artwork

If you do not notify me of your intent to return the artwork within seven days of receipt or you do not ship the work within three days of notifying us, you will NOT be eligible for a refund.

Return Policy FAQ

Step 1: Within seven days of your merchandise delivery date, please call me +49 (0) 163 605 25 22 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. PST of Munich, Monday through Friday or email info@angelsview.de to give us your order information and the reason for wanting to return the work.

Step 2: Repackage the artwork using the original packaging materials used by your delivery. If you’ve already disposed of the original packaging, you’ll be responsible for purchasing packaging materials to send the artwork back safely to the artist. Please make inquiries, how to safely package artwork for shipment.

Step 3:  Email to me mailto: info@angelsview.de  and complete the return pdf-document return process.

Once the piece safely reaches me, I will process your return and the amount owed will be refunded to your original source of payment in the same currency and using the same exchange rate as your original order within seven to 10 business days of your merchandise return.

NOTE: Additional shipping fees apply for international returns. 

The collector is held responsible for return shipping costs.

Step 1: If you already see the damage from the outside, on the package, please make a photo!
Should the artwork be damaged also inside, please make a photo of the damage – thouroughly!

Please call me immediately +49 (0) 163 605 25 22 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. PST Munich, Monday through Friday or email info@angelsview.de to give us your order information.

Step 2: Save the original packaging!

Step 3: Take photos of the damaged artwork and packaging. Please email these photos to me: info@angelsview.de

Step 4: Of course I will support you to receive a complete and beautiful artwork! With all of your information I will contact the shipping company. All deatils will be arranged with you in person! You will receive a new piece, if all details to your damage are confirmed.

If the artwork was damaged as a result of poor packaging or delivery reasons, the collector will not be responsible for shipping costs.

The shippment company will refund the shipping costs and I will arrange a new shippment for you.