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GalleryPrintGlossy, AluDibond, PhotoAcrylBlock


Small, Medium, Big, Timeless

AngelsSight shows an angel visiting earth and warming our hearts with a little magic.

This Light Design is painted with the generally known long-term exposure, in which one uses self-made tools that are formed from Plexiglas plates. I illuminate these with a colored flashlight. First I Imagin my picture clearly in my head, then I get started: First the light wave was painted, then the angel leaning against the ginkgo tree while a bicycle leisurely rode by. The color of the yellow ginkgo trees is so yellow in autumn, but they don’t shine so brightly by themselves.
AngelsSight connects the hearts of the world!

The small sizes are ideal for little space or just t have it with you, always.
Have your little Angel with you, always!

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Personal Dedication?
During your order via Gallery-Order or directly with me, you can send me your wish for a personal dedication straight away. I will place it at the back of your painting.