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Small, Medium, Big, Timeless

Companionship was painted in London during the Christmas time, where carefully planned light installations enchant the streets of London and invite us to discover everything, we need for a special evening out. This shot was taken in a building facing out onto Leichester Square, layering our levels of entertainment and emotion into one experience.
This painting is a sensation of experiences in one go! The blue spotlight in the middle shines on the visible center in Leichester Square, and yet other lights seem to overlap from a different light source. Mirrored neon signs project into the spotlight and lead the viewer to the opposite side. Snowflakes, buildings, and glittering lights falling from the sky can be found on the stage … and so much more.

2-Editions per size
To keep your favorite AngelsView Light-Art-Photography timeless, I only have 2-Editions per size for this painting in the world.
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