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GalleryPrintGlossy, AluDibond


Small, Medium, Big, Timeless

Continuum has been painted with the light of London in the season of love. Carefully installed light installations in different shapes and colors hang in every street big and small, inviting people to immerse themselves in a magical world. There’s a feeling of a big hug when beautiful lights, scents and friendly people are around you, making life flow in unexpected ways. Continuum shows this upbeat, fun-loving way of life with sweeping lines of light that are guided into a moving shape. Delicate window silhouettes can be seen in the background, which are accentuated by a semicolon, giving the lifelines a special character in the middle of the painting.

2-Editions per size
To keep your favorite AngelsView Light-Art-Photography timeless, I only have 2-Editions per size for this painting in the world.
Simply choose a size and your favorite Fine-Art-Material!

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Personal Dedication?
During your order via Gallery-Order or directly with me, you can send me your wish for a personal dedication straight away. I will place it at the back of your painting.

1-Edition Deal for your exclusivity or Stop-Further-Purchases-Deal?
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With this deal a more distinctive size is possible!
Due to my full-frame-format camera I can print up to 290 x 200 cm!
A stunning performance!