Shooting Heart

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GalleryPrintGlossy, AluDibond


Small, Medium, Big, Timeless

ShootingHeart has been painted with the Light of the summer Tollwood Festivity, where people look for international food, cultural experiences, music concerts and a summer feeling out of this world. It is a sacred place to gather, chill and fill your heart with music, delicacies and connecting to people in the world, the world of hearts.
The fascination of “ShootingHeart” is revealed in the playfulness of the moving lines of light, which slowly transform into the shape of a heart. In the background, strong blue, purple and green surfaces blur, forming a feast of colors that occasionally merge with the reflection of the surroundings. A little dream from distant lands.

Happy to announce: ShootingHeart Award: Best Fine-Art-Photographs of 2023 – Dodho Magazine –

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